Behind The Brand

The Anthony Green Brand is founded and created by New York based Makeup Artist Anthony Green. Providing women with a simple yet effective approach to makeup. We believe that beauty is a universal language. We strive to teach and transform women into becoming the best versions of themselves. We’re a lover of natural beauty. Creating skin that appears flawless, glowing and healthy. We use high quality products and ingredients to get the best results.


About Anthony Green
Anthony Green a New York City-based makeup artist is one of the most passionate people you'll ever meet. Recently he ventured into film and worked with some talented people. However, his passion lies in High Fashion, Beauty, and Editorial work. Which led him to create excitement and anticipation around the entertainment, fashion and makeup industry. Inspired by his clients, he created Anthony Green Cosmetics. He believes that beauty comes from within. Makeup should enhance who you are on the inside. Promoting inner beauty and spreading his message " Beauty With Dignity"  he brings a natural yet striking modern approach to makeup for a flawless and perfected look every time.